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Discussion in 'Public Lounge' started by Fireblade, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Fireblade

    Fireblade Active Member

    Well today we made 4.00 Alliance score.

    We're going to hit our first birthday on July 1st (or June 30th :S)
    We're VERY close to 1 million NS, currently: 959,783

    Just FYI, this means that Menotah has already outlived The Dark Evolution, the alliance that Menotah was born from when they tried to merge with Athens.
  2. Tarimiun

    Tarimiun Member

    Sounds pretty kick-ass to me.

    Quick history lesson with TDE and Athens? Or is that all hidden somewhere on the forums? =)
  3. King D

    King D Member

    Quick history lesson:

    TDE formed from a few alliances, idk which ones, but then TDE merged into Athens (douches) since they tried to go to war with us for appearing to poach their members lol

    EDIT: I shouldnt say that :p
  4. Fireblade

    Fireblade Active Member

    Emm! .... There were allot of people who didn't want to go through with the merger, and the TDE government ignored that group of people when they chose to merge. Many of those individuals formed Menotah as a result. TDE only lasted 8 months or so?

    Afterward there was messaging to those on the TDE AA telling them what happened, both regarding the merger, and the breakoff which formed Menotah. Athens took this, something the DerKaiser said, and ran with it assuming that we were poaching their members, and so they were on the brink of going to war with Menotah over the issue. Because SOME of them ended up attacking Menotah (I hadn't joined anybodies alliance at the time... I was still in TDE) and this kicked at my sense of justice... or sense of injustice... I decided to join Menotah.

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