DRAFT: How To Rule The World (Draft 1)

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    WOOO IT HAS A TITLE? INORITE? It's awesome.

    So back to the regular stuff.

    So this story is about a nerd and well just read it.

    Few things:
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    This is not finished yet.
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    This draft is named How To Rule The World, ITS NAME!!! WOO and is the first draft.


    DaRil675 was his name. Well the name he was known by on the web. He was a nerd but a powerful nerd at that. He was a leader of: a 10000 person clan in Runescape, a Powerful WoW Guild, and so many other clans, alliances, guilds and tribes on various games. He in total leads over 5 million people. He was one of the most recognized people on the web. He knew the in’s and out’s of any game, and when people saw him log in, they friend requested him or sent him a message instantly.

    Riley Dalt was a handsome boy, well developed, charming and funny. But in his school, he was just an irrelevant bug. No one every paid attention to him, no one was his friend, and no one ever listened to him; Even his teachers dismissed his answers, even when they were right. He was just another kid walking down the hallway, constantly being made fun of and pushed around. He never understood why because he was a fun loving and outgoing guy and loved making people laugh.

    DaRil675 was a powerful but beneficent leader, he made sure he treated everyone equally and took great care of his friends and subjects. He is highly respected by all, even be his enemies. Riley Dalt was a funny guy but no one treated him equally and no one was his friend. No one ever hung out with Riley Dalt on a Friday, not even his brother.

    Riley Dalt and DaRil675 had one thing in common though, they were the same person. Riley was a teenager that lived two lives; One of power and honor, and the other, of shame and submission. His family was an odd one, his mother being a sports jock and obsessed with winning the game, while his father was the pure essence of a computer nerd. His brother, Dave, was also a sporty jock. Dave and Riley had gotten along for their whole lives, their differences never separated them, and they helped each other out, but Dave recently got into the major popular crowd, and started to hang out with Riley less and less. They still talked and played video games together, although Riley always won unless he let Dave win.

    Dave knew Riley was a really funny and great guy, and tried to tell that to his friends but they just laughed and moved on. So eventually, Dave gave up. Dave and Riley always made fun of how people saw them. Riley nicknamed Dave, a ‘Spock’, meaning Sporty Jock, while Dave called Riley, Darril, making fun of how his name which meant Da Ril, ended up being Daril. The brothers were both in high school, Riley attempted to join a few clubs, but even the nerds shunned him. Dave was part of the football team, swimming team, diving team, you name a sport, and he’s probably involved.

    But that’s enough with the character descriptions, let’s move on to the actually story. So as all great stories begin, Once upon a time there was a, that’s actually just introducing characters again... Well there is one more major character to introduce. That would be me; I’m the omniscient narrator, the man that knows all and sees all, the Alpha, the Omega, and all that good stuff. I am the almighty and all powerful author. Being said author, I decided to make this a little different by admitting this is a book, in the actual book itself. I know many people who read this will be thinking, what in God’s name, but hopefully, if I can make at least one person laugh, I’ll be happy. I’ll pop in here and there and just keep the book moving. Anyway, despite my attempt to move on from character descriptions, we seem to be going into another segment of them.

    Riley’s father, Mr. Richard Dalt was an interesting man. He had gone to MIT and received a Doctorate in multiple technologic degrees. He had started a business and dealt with companies like EBay, Google and the likes. Mr. Dalt turned his small company into a multi-million dollar organization and started buying up other technology companies to increase his empire. He was a nice man, and a personable guy that didn’t even seem like a wealthy business owner. A nerd at heart, Mr. Dalt always tried to take advantage of online ways to make his life more exciting or easier. He enjoyed buying and selling on EBay and even started a branch in his company to assist people with bidding and selling on EBay.

    His wife, Mrs. Alena Dalt was an athletic woman. Her father was a Soviet Gymnast trainer and her mother was a student of his. While Richard Dalt was starting his own business, his soon-to-be wife Alena Chernov was running her fitness company. They met in a seminar for small business owners in New York City, and it was love at first sight. Later that day they were married. They moved to Pennsylvania and settled in a suburb of Philadelphia.
    Alright, I know this isn’t really that funny right now. I’m sorry, you have to set things up, plus it doesn’t kill you to read some serious literature, right?

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