DRAFT: Rating My Life (Draft 1)

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    This one has a title too!

    So I was gonna switch up my intro to the writing but I said F it and copied and pasted this bad MF:

    So this story is about a FCC employee. Woo. This one is one of the oldest I have on here.

    Few things:
    I do not give anyone the right to redistribute or reproduce or post in any way.
    I do not give anyone the right to use any of the content in the story.
    I do not give anyone the right to use this piece as a basis or storyboard.
    © 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
    This is not finished yet.
    Rating: V5, L1, S0, I5.

    This draft is named Rating My Life and it's the first draft. And it's actually the wrong draft, there's a newer one somewhere in my house.. lol


    All these TV shows may have any rating that you see, but to me it’s all a bunch of minutes of film I have to watch to help decide some little letter and number to control who watches. Wouldn’t that be fun to screw around with, well I can’t because I would be fired. I work of course for the FCC. We have an interesting bunch of people working at our ‘office’. Lately though, there’s been a bunch of pranks around the ‘office’ or what we call an office. Someone has been messing with the senior staff such as myself, which is extremely irritating. Sometimes things in my life seem more like a ridiculous story then my daily life and my thoughts. Although who would write a book about the FCC and one of the workers, I wouldn’t read that, unless it became a movie and got on TV, then I’d have to help rate it… Time to go to work, it seems there’s not much traffic. Okay, almost there, I do have admit driving a car with government plates is fun, people imagine you’re FBI, CIA, NSA, NCIS, or some important political influence, instead of an FCC Agent… FCC Employee, now most people don’t know this but I used to be an FBI Agent, this and that are part-time things, I still work for the FBI which is basically opposite of my job for the FCC. Well here we are at the FCC Building; I leaped into the room and sang “Here I am to save the day!” “Hey John” said Ricky, Will, Dan, Shawn, Zach, Jake and Allison in unison. I’ll introduce you to the gang.

    Ricky is a normal guy, nice and all. Only one thing sticks out with Ricky, he is a compulsive laugher, he laughs about just about everything. It just seems to be a problem he’s always had.

    Will is an artist, a Cartoon artist to be specific. He works here for an income while he works on his cartoon series. He also likes to write a bit, mostly just writing stories for his cartoons. I can relate to his interest in drawing. I like to draw sometimes, but more of engineering ideas or planes. I don’t see how he can handle writing I hate writing I never liked it and I never will.

    Dan is a great guy, he is a comedian. He works here because comedy... let’s just say doesn’t pay well.

    Shawn believes he is extremely talented at everything except singing. He can be annoying but he is kind. He is a good friend.

    Zach has no sense of humor. He is always serious and kind of out of it. He likes to play music though. He has his own band, I hear.

    Jake is completely paranoid. He thinks things are out to get him. He keep out distance just incase he goes on an angry fit. He was a navy seal until being Honorably Discharged based on Mental Health because of a freak accident with a ferret.

    Allison is the pure essence of annoyance and stupidity. She can annoy everyone and I mean everyone. She is basically blind to everything and well is just stupid.

    That basically covers everyone, well there’s our boss and his assistant. Adam and his assistant Kevin are the icing on the cake on our dysfunctional family.

    Adam has severe OCD but is immensely intelligent. He usually cannot control his OCD and spends time every hour fixing and cleaning things around the office.


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