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    So this story is about a kid name Daniel Gusesl and his heightened senses and ability to control projectiles. Woo..

    Few things:
    I do not give anyone the right to redistribute or reproduce or post in any way.
    I do not give anyone the right to use any of the content in the story.
    I do not give anyone the right to use this piece as a basis or storyboard.
    © 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
    This is not finished yet.
    Rating: V1, L0, S0, I1.

    This draft is named Daniel Gusesl 1, since I have not yet decided on a name, and it's the first draft.

    He was a genius. Well, so everyone though. He always got A+’s on every test and assignment. He excelled in Gym, and participated in everything from chorus to Model U.N. He was a great guy… was…well, he is a great guy now, but he had changed in between. Who am I? I am his friend, his enemy and his conscience. I am a ghost, a spirit, his guardian angel and I watch over him. My Name? You shall learn in good time, but I can tell you his. His name is Daniel Gusesl. Well we’ll start with the beginning. He was born on January 1, 1993. (INSERT MORE ABOUT LIFE)Daniel’s life had been normal for the most part until high school. Daniel started realizing that he seemed to have heightened senses. He was always hearing things others could not or seeing slight movements others would dismiss. He decided that he had to take up a hobby to take his mind off this recent discovery. He was going to take up Rifle Marksmanship but his parents refused and instead bought him an Archery Bow and training arrows and stated it was safer. He found a local Archery Range and walked there, he geared up and fired an arrow down range and hit around five inches away from the bull’s-eye but he realized that just before he had fired he had seen a white streak in front of him that led to the bull’s-eye. Almost if a small plane had left a cloud trail to the bull’s-eye. So he took aim again and instead aimed where the white cloudlike mist began, he released and the arrow went flying and hit the bull’s-eye. He realized he was calculating the wind and the path of the arrow without doing anything and his mind was telling him where to aim. He decided to keep this to himself, since it seemed it was a pretty amazing feat. Daniel glanced at his watch and it read 7:30 and ran home. He raced up to his house and jumped over the fence and opened the door franticly, he flew up the stairs and tossed his bag into his room and then sprinted to the dining room and sat.
    His parents heard his chair and looked in from the kitchen and his father said
    “When did you get in?”
    “You didn’t hear me come in?” Daniel replied.
    “No, we didn’t but we were just outside.”
    “Oh, I just got home a few seconds ago.”
    “Have Fun?”
    “Yup, I did.”
    Let me interrupt for a moment. Daniel, if you haven’t figured out yet, is no normal boy. He developed a power to control projectiles. He has only unlocked the power to sense the perfect shot so far, but his powers extend much farther.

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