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    So this story is actually about a super hero who doesn't control his powers, and its basis is set up here.

    Few things:
    I do not give anyone the right to redistribute or reproduce or post in any way.
    I do not give anyone the right to use any of the content in the story.
    I do not give anyone the right to use this piece as a basis or storyboard.
    © 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
    This is not finished yet.
    Rating: V3, L2, S0, I3.

    This draft is named Teen Time 2, since I have not yet decided on a name, and it's the second draft.


    He took a deep breath. He gripped the knife and slid it across his wrists. He then released the knife and waited for his life to end, for all his troubles to disappear and for the sweet release of death. He had finally accomplished something, he thought; his father would have to give him that. That was his last thought as he passed out.
    He woke up in a hospital bed. He was strapped to the bed, and had bandages around his wrists. He struggled but found it useless. There was no way he could escape. His tossing around had gained the attention of an orderly, who rushed to the doctor who had treated this boy. The doctor, Dr. Mulligan hurried to the bed of the boy.
    “Hello, I am Dr. Mulligan, is there a family member I can call about you and your grandfather?”
    “My grandfather?”
    “Yes, the man that saved your life, the man who brought you here. Isn’t he your grandfather, or is he your father, or some other kind of relative?”
    “I don’t know. I only remember cutting my wrists, then passing out.”
    “Well if you are feeling up to it, I’d like to take you to him and see if you recognize him, in an attempt to give us a number to contact a family member that can give us his name, and medical information, and of course his Medical Insurance information.”
    “I guess I am up for it.”
    ”Good, orderly please get a wheel chair for this patient.”
    “Hi, my name is Jeff. I am the head orderly here at Lynn Jon Mercy. What’s your name?”
    “Uh, my name is Nate Hapner.”
    “Well, it’s nice to meet you, Nate Hapner.”
    Jeff helped Nate out of bed and into the wheel chair, once Nate was in the chair, Jeff tightened the fasteners around Nate’s arms for his own protection. The orderly brought Nate out into the hallway, they then the followed Dr. Mulligan to a nearby room and entered behind him. Nate saw an aged and frail looking man, yet he had a certain dignified look about him. Although Nate had never seen this man before, he felt a deep connection to him.
    “Directly following your admission, this man, the man that carried you here, had a massive Myocardial infarction.”
    ”A what?“
    ”He suffered a massive heart attack, and is currently unconscious.“
    Just then the old man awoke. He looked at Nate and then took a medallion off of his neck and gave it to Nate, and with that the old man died.
    “Orderly get him out of here!” belted Dr. Mulligan.
    Jeff swiftly yanked the wheel chair out of the room and back to Nate’s room. Nate was in shock, the orderly helped him back into bed. Nate tried to fall back asleep but when he closed his eyes all he could see was the old man giving him the necklace, then the sound of the heart monitor’s basic but haunting beep and seeing the life in the man’s eyes fade away. Finally, he dozed off and next thing he knew he was awake and his whole family was around the hospital room. His parents were asleep on the couch nearby; his sister was on the chair and also asleep. His older brother was outside the room pacing back and forth. It was his sister who noticed he was awake first; she looked up and saw his eyes open and screamed
    “He’s awake, He’s awake!”
    His whole family was engulfing him in mere seconds. His mother was crying on his shoulder, his father, a man of steel was crying also, his brother looked as though he’d been awake for days, his sister had appeared the most relaxed out of the group, but after a closer look, he realized she was the worst of them all. She had dark circles under her eyes and her hair was ruffled, as though she’d been here for days too. Only his younger brother was missing, he guessed that he was with a neighbor or family member. His little brother was 14 years old, his sister was 15, his brother 25, his father 57, and his mother was 56 and he was 16.
    He knew his parents were upset, and his siblings concerned but he felt detached to them. He was the black sheep of the family and as a result, his parents never paid him much concern. This led to his attempted suicide. His eldest brother, Dan, was a law major and was working his way to partner in a local prestigious law firm. His sister, Jane, was planning a career in politics and had spent her early teenage life ascertaining this goal. Even his youngest brother, Ryan, had high aspirations. He planned to become a doctor, as many children do, but unlike other children, he was heart-bound. He read medical books, and attended any medical-related class a child his age could. Nate guessed they were all like this because his parents. His father, General Joseph Hapner, was a high-up in the Air Force and commanded the best of his children. His mother, Doctor Natalie Hapner, was a world-class and world-famous leader in the field of advanced weapon technologies and like her husband, pushed her children to be the cream of the young adult crop.
    This is where Nate lacked. When he was young, he had wanted to join the Air Force and live the dream of his father’s, but that had changed after he entered high school. The atmosphere changed him and turned him into the school comedian. He acted, he joked around and he even wrote comedies. But with this popularity and the pressure on him, he became burdened. As many have, had or will have, he was filled with depression. Everyone knew him as the funny guy, and it haunted him, and while he always got attention, sometimes attention is the last thing that he wanted or needed. Nate wanted to connect to his family more, but they were all too busy with their careers, aspirations and goals. He thought that removing himself from the picture might free them to move on.
    What Nate didn’t know was that, after his family was informed of his attempted suicide, his entire family rushed to the hospital. His father walked out on a High Command meeting, his mother left a demo with the Department of Defense, his brother walked out on a case, his sister cut her meeting with a congressman short, and his younger brother wanted to leave his class, but his parents thought better then to do so. During the two days that he was asleep, his entire family was restless. His father had found a journal written by Nate and read it with his wife, who then shared it to the rest of the family. In it were chronicled Nate’s troubles, issues and life, including all of his writing and comedies that he wrote. That was when his entire family realized that Nate was an amazing kid. They realized their titles meant nothing to what had happened to Nate. His family never realized what Nate had done, and been through. They found a new light on Nate and realized what he could become and the brilliance of his humor and writing.
    Nate didn’t know any of this. He didn’t realize how much he had done, he much he had persevered or what he could become. He saw himself as a failure and a teen without talent. He had realized that his family was not yelling, wasn’t scolding or even asking him why. They were merely saying how glad they were he was alive. Nate fell back into a deep slumber with his family crowded around him. When he awoke, he was alone, his entire family was outside speaking with Doctor Mulligan. His father saw he was awake, and walked into Nate’s room.
    He stated, “Son, I’m sorry, I am so sorry I was not the father you wanted, and was not someone you could rely on, I don’t know how to make it up to you.”
    “Dad, it’s fine, I’m okay, it’s all good.”
    “It is not all good, your mother and I decided to reduce our work hours and instead spend more time with the family and helping you guys achieve the best possible.”
    “Dad, I don’t know what I want to become, and I won’t know until it comes to me.”
    “Well, son, we are always here. The doctor said you may go home, and he also mentioned that old man that saved you and gave you that medallion. I had my assistant do a background check on him and he found that his name was Jonathan Friar. He was a Korean War veteran and saved many lives, he received the Medal of Honor, along with many other commendations and awards. He was a great and honorable man. They say he always had that medallion on, he said he got it when he was just a teenage boy on the streets of New York City in its heyday. I suppose he was waiting for another promising teenager to take that necklace.
    “I don’t know what’s so special about it. It just has some weird lettering on it.”
    “Son, that is … well that’s weird. Each line is in a different language.” said Nate’s father as he studied the medallion.
    “So there’s a bunch of languages on it?”
    “It appears so. If you want, I will see if I can get it translated.”
    “Maybe later dad, I just want to go home now.”
    “Okay, I will get the wheelchair.”
    The Car ride home was the most silent noise Nate had ever heard. While no one spoke, the air was filled with sobbing and sniffling, and in between that, the sound of cars whizzing by was heard.

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