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Discussion in 'Public Lounge' started by The Fellow, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. The Fellow

    The Fellow The Fellow

    I hate having to wait for my grade on my documentation I did on a program I have to write for a robot. I have not been told how I did, but of course everyone elses have been graded, and mine dd not, and I am stressing because I want to get a good grade on it since everyone else on the team got 100% and if I don't I am going to be ticked.
  2. deadman

    deadman Guest

    and this uplies to me how?
  3. bradford

    bradford Active Member

    cuz you don't want to be around when he gets ticked :'(
  4. joey67500

    joey67500 Welcome to Menotah! Staff Member

    Perhaps we should demask Fellow until he is happy XD
  5. The Fellow

    The Fellow The Fellow

    I am happy! I got 100% on it! =DDDDD
  6. general tso

    general tso ... He is a man of ACTION

    what kind of robot program are you writing?

    Did a tad of that myself. Part of my big scholl finale' to construct and program a gantry style pick and place system. Took a week to do programing on it, wich included learning 2 different programing languages.
  7. The Fellow

    The Fellow The Fellow

    It is for Botball, robotics competition, and we have two bots really. One of them is picks up ducks using a lift and bow-like claw, then on a create we got a little arm with scythe that gets botguy and a couple of frogs into our side and in our basket, lol.

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