Idea for a post apocalpyse tale.

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    A few years a go the concept for a book flew into my mind. Set in 2030 or somewheres around there. America has entered into war with Korea and it's a nuclear charged war. All the nuclear weapons have caused a disease the likes of which have never been seen. But and America company led by a very corrupt buissness man developes a cure. But this corrupt Buissness man works with the President who is very imperialistic, he wants to conquer South America, and the Korea's. The problem with the cure is it's side effects are very steep, it can cause metamorphosis with non infected peoples. But more often than not it creates a super human race. The more people that are infected the more 'we' can study them. When the Nuclear poisoning reaches an all time high, we transport the cure around the world. A competed lame duck corporation ( just bought by M. Corrupt) has issues with the cure knowing it doesn't work. knowing the goal is the first fully deployable super soldier. Th Lame Duck Corp plans on destroying the cure not knowing the undesirable side effects on pure folks. when the Detonate the bombs on the cure and it sweeps through killing the cast majority of the planet people. Those who are left are the sick who have just been cured, or the recently infected, now capable of inhuman feats, over time these infectees will become worse and worse, until they are completely destroyed. With the planet in havoc a whole slew of new threats emerge countries uninfected attempt to take America down, and with natural life forms tainted ( dogs cats horses and the like) or closest allies become enemies. There exists a way to fix it but the President won't release it until we agree to his terms. the Population is dectimated, and then the President releases the cure to Korea, creating even bigger problems.

    I've written about 50 pages of it so far, but this is the short summary what do you all think?
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    Seems extremely complicated.
  3. James Rain

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    Yeah I guess, kinda of a large story to tackle.

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