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  1. Vnatham

    Vnatham I'm a Newbie!

    Alliance Team Color: Purple
    Alliance Name: The Last Republic
    Alliance Acronym(if one): TLR
    Alliance Forum URL:
    Alliance IRC channel(If not on Coldfront, please specify): #lastrepublic
    Your name: Vnatham
    Position within your alliance?: Sr. Diplomat
    Link to your nation in CN:
    Did you PM Joey67500 ingame or query Joey67500 on IRC?(nation link below, *Note* Just to make it clear, you must query or message Joey67500, if you are answering no, then your request is denied. ~Joey67500*): yes, PM'd Joey
  2. joey67500

    joey67500 Welcome to Menotah! Staff Member

    Masked. Forgot to post.

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