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  1. danizduhman

    danizduhman I am your Dark Lord.

    List every war you have been involved in. Global wars that is. My list would be waaay to long otherwise.

    My first war was the Unjust War. We attacked some maroon sphere alliance that had been sanctioned before the war, and just destroyed what was left of them. They later disbanded.

    The next major war I was in, and there were like 4 or 5 smaller scale alliance wars, was the War of the Coalition. Got crushed by UPN, but in the process crushed Tempest ;)

    Then I kinda went MIA for a while, rejoined up in DE, and didn't really have any major wars while I was in it. Got to Imperial Regent, went to Umbrella for a while. No wars.

    Made Itova. Had a pretty even war against OMFG, but ended up winning. Then I went MIA again, and haven't really played since.

    I've had at least 15-20 pure alliance to alliance scale wars, I just listed the big ones.

    If you haven't been in any large scale wars, list the smaller ones you have been in!
  2. Gawz

    Gawz For those about to rock, we salute you.

    I was in a war one time, I got my ass kicked.

    It wasn't cool, at all.
  3. porkpotpie

    porkpotpie True Story

    ^Same, in the second UJW.
  4. Lord Razzia

    Lord Razzia Member

    Global Wars huh?
    My first Global war was also The Unjust War. Back then I was on the blue sphere and yes I was part of BLEU. I beat up some "Gaymen" in that war heheh.

    I dodged a bullet from WoTC. I had moved to the Black team by then, and didn't fight in it. :)

    Next was the Karma War. Dark Evolution ftw.

    After that The 2nd Unjust War, and that was alright until I got ganged at the end. Not trippin' to hard though, they really needed to do it. I really stuck it to the two I was fighting, and one was a lot stronger than me. We had a great battle until the other two jumped me.
  5. Fireblade

    Fireblade Active Member

    I was involved in the 2nd Great War in a sense because a friend of mine, who had a nation on CN, wanted me to take care of his nation while he was gone, which was my first introduction to CN. He gave me a list of instructions on how to fight ect. I never got to making my own nation till much later.

    I was involved in the 3rd Great War for a few weeks. I Created my nation almost 2 weeks before /b/ got involved in the conflict. I was in war long after /b/ disbanded, a kind of rogue for a month or two. I went peaceful and joined GPA after that.

    The DC-BC War as part of Element
    The OTF-RIA War also as part of Element

    NPO-Jarheads War during my stay in The Dark Evolution
    The Karma War or Great War VI during my time in The Dark Evolution

    Finally we reach Menotah, and the most recent war, the Bipolar War for which we were a part of in the TOP-C&G War (Around here people call it the GO FOK iFOK war)

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